Research Interest:

- Political Psychology
- Global Political Economy
- Media Studies
- International Relations
Prof. Peter BEATTIE
Research Interest:

- Cultural Psychology of Globalization
- Intergroup Processes
- Racism and Stereotyping in a global context of Western Imperialism
- Social Psychology of Neoliberalism
Prof. Karim BETTACHE
Research Interest:

- Contemporary Geopolitics and Port Diplomacy
- European Foreign Policies
Dr. CHAN Wai Shun, Wilson
Research Interest:

- Global Culture of University Knowledge
- AI and Machine Learning in Higher Education Research
Dr. CHEUNG Ho Yan, Yannie
Research Interest:

- State Restructuring
- Spatial Planning
- Political Ecology
Prof. CHUNG King Lam, Calvin
Research Interest:

- Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
- Political Economy of Space
Dr. CHUNG Wai Keung
Research Interest:

- Applied Econometrics
- International Economics
Dr. HO Cheuk Yin
Research Interest:

- Chinese Foreign Policy
- Japanese Foreign Policy
- Sino-Japanese Relations
- Security Issues in East Asia
Research Interest:

- Urban & Regional Development
- China Studies
Mr. KEE Wai Man, Gordon
Research Interest:

- International Political Economy
- Comparative Political Economy of East Asia
- Cross-Strait Relations
- National Identity
- Asian Regionalism
Prof. Syaru Shirley LIN
Research Interest:

- China Macroeconomic Development and Political Economy
- Financial and Currency Markets & Geopolitical Development
Mr. LO Nim Chi
Research Interest:

- Globalization vs Deglobalization
- Reshaping the Post-2019 Rules-Based International Order
Research Interest:

Crime and Criminal Justice
Juvenile Delinquency
Domestic Violence and Restorative Justice
Dr. MOK Wai Yin, Louis
Research Interest:

- International Economics
- International Finance
Prof. Miron MUSHKAT
Research Interest:

- Inter-city Competition and Cooperation
- Urban and Regional Development
Prof. SHEN Jianfa
Research Interest:

- Adoption of Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approaches on the Issues of Public Management and Public Polices in China
- Impacts of Globalization and Regionalism on National and Domestic Policies
Prof. TSAO King Kwun