Frequently Asked Questions

A. Applying for Full-time Programme

1 What should I do once I receive the admission offer?

You should indicate if you accept the admission offer. To complete the acceptance of admission offer, please settle the deposit by the payment due date stated on Admission Notification.

Then, please follow the steps in How to Register? to register provisionally. In such a situation, your student status is not yet confirmed and you will NOT be allowed to commence to study until you have fulfilled all the condition(s) by the deadline stipulated on the Admission Notification.

2. I am studying at a university in Hong Kong and will graduate in this academic year. Should I apply a new student visa for studying the MGPE programme?

Yes, you have to apply a new student visa.

B. Applying for Part-time Programme

1. If I have already got an employment visa, do I have to apply for a student visa in order to study the part-time programme?

No, you don't have to apply for a student visa, but you have to present your employment visa to the Graduate School as soon as you receive the admission offer. Please make sure your visa is valid during the entire study period.